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Now you have an opportunity to earn maximum referral fees.

Earn as much as 80 %

As a referral agent in Referrals-USA, you can, in addition to maintaining your license with the State, receive as much as 80%  of the referral fees received from the commissions of full time active agents.

What can Referrals-USA  offer you ?

  • A Place to hang your Real Estate license without having to pay Board dues.
  • An ability to find the right real estate agent for your purchase or sale.
  • An opportunity to refer friends, associates or relatives for their purchase or sale

And most important

Earn additional money                                                without giving up your current job.

Why Join  Referrals-USA ?

Although you are a licensed agent and do not practice real estate, you may refer out a buyer or seller and receive a portion of the commission in a referral fee after closing.

With Referrals-USA, things are easy. There are no additional company or corporate charges, and no restrictions! We accept referrals for buyers & sellers moving throughout the United States & Canada!

We keep it simple.

We are a referral company that will keep your real estate license active and let you earn referral fees.


It's easy to sign up with us and start earning Big Money!

It is important to note, that even if the  agent performs both sides of the transaction, such as selling the referred client his or her own listing, the referral will only be paid on the side you referred.
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